Industries We Serve

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Style Group provides a financial solution for independent content creators on YouTube. It delivers a solution that allows creators to remain independent while receiving the capital they need to grow.


Style Group TikTok team works with TikTok Content creators in the Beauty, Comedy, Entertainment, and Music industries on a range of financial transactions, including M&A, leveraged buyouts, etc.


Our Instagram Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group provides insights and services covering a wide range of Influencers, Content Creators, and Brand Promoters on Instagram.


SG Facebook team works closely with Social Media Influencers, Creators, advertisers, and sponsors to originate, structure, and execute equity and equity-linked financings.


Our Twitter group provides advice and services across a wide range of sub-sectors, including post-Elon Twitter, Trending, advertising, and Brand Deal Analytics.


SG Snapchat group provides investment services and in-depth transaction expertise to a wide range of Snapchat Influencers both in the United States and globally.


Style Group’s product suite includes catastrophe bonds, film, entertainment, and media M&A financing, and the securitization of royalties, and intellectual properties from Content Houses.


SG Consumer Merch Group advises its Creator clients on a wide spectrum of transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, equity, and debt offerings, derivatives and structured products, risk management, etc. 


With expertise in both credit and equity derivative products, our team provides Content Creators with guidance on and access to investment opportunities across a wide range of equity-linked products.