Social Media Assets

The breadth of Style Group’s Social Media Assets (channels, creator analytics, etc.) provides valuable real-time proprietary market data. We believe this information enables Style Group to identify mispriced and/or out-of-favor Social Media asset classes more rapidly than its competitors.


We acquire high-quality, income-producing, or strategically positioned Social Media assets or media properties at discounts to replacement costs.


We unlock value by proactively addressing any operating issues through aggressive asset management putting our years of Social Media experience to the test.

Cash Flow

Once the Social Media assets are stabilized (predictable revenue stream) we actively manage the assets and generate monthly cash flow for our investors

Why Style Group Social Media Assets?



Diversified Commingled Fund

Style Group has a primary offering that is a commingled fund that allows for multiple assets across different content creators worldwide. This structure allows for individual assets to be sold upon stabilization with the redeployment of those funds to maximize yields over the investment period.


Social Media Expertise

Style Group is an experienced Social Media Fund manager and has roots in Social Media Content Creation and Influencer Product Development around the world. Style Group and its affiliates are themselves capable of content development strategy and have an extensive portfolio of channels and creators.


Proprietary Strategies

In this advanced stage of the Social Media cycle, simple strategies will NOT be successful. Style Group evolved capital deployment and talent retention strategies as the content creation and deployment markets have evolved. We believe that we are on trend and positioned correctly in the wave for the cycle.

Social Media Investment Strategies

Style Group offers different investment strategies catered to individual return vs. risk appetite and the need for regular income and liquidity. Style Group invests in institutional-grade commercial Social Media Assets. 


Style Group provides a financial solution for independent content creators on YouTube. It delivers a solution that allows creators to remain independent while receiving the capital they need to grow.


Style Group TikTok team works with TikTok Content creators in the Beauty, Comedy, Entertainment, and Music industries on a range of financial transactions, including M&A, leveraged buyouts, etc.


Our Instagram Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group provides insights and services covering a wide range of Influencers, Content Creators, and Brand Promoters on Instagram.


SG Facebook team works closely with Social Media Influencers, Creators, advertisers, and sponsors to originate, structure, and execute equity and equity-linked financings.


Our Twitter group provides advice and services across a wide range of sub-sectors, including post-Elon Twitter, Trending, advertising, and Brand Deal Analytics.


SG Snapchat group provides investment services and in-depth transaction expertise to a wide range of Snapchat Influencers both in the United States and globally.